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Postproduction talents for Feature Film needed!!!
Anna Morawska

We moved to postproduction stage of our first Feature film ( about 80 min) production. The film was shot with Pocket Black Magic (4k) and the main goal of the project is to promote young talents who want to gain interesting experience in film industry and become a part of a very energetic team of young creators.

professionele productie / lowbudget


We finished shooting our first FULL-LENGTH FEATURE FILM "Deja Vu" and we are looking for people who are interested in getting experience inthe postproduction stage of filmmaking:

we need;
editors (preferably Davinchi)
sound designers
audio engineers
film music composers

about 2-3 months

Functie eisen / profiel
*Proficiency in Davinchi or any other editing software
* Color correction skills
* for musicians, you just need to be able to write good scores for the film

Wat bieden wij?
We offer a great experience of editing Full Feature Film ( about 80 min), which you can add to your portfolio, and a symbolic completion bonus (50 euro)

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Bericht geplaatst door: Anna Morawska
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Op: 17-04-2021 / 636 x bekeken
Categorie: Onbetaald
Verloopt op: 01-07-2021
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